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Position: Organist

First Presbyterian Church, Champaign, IL
June 2020
Job Description – Organist
Part time/12-18 hours per week
The job description below reflects the position as it was, and hopefully will be, following the interruption of life by the Covid19 pandemic. Currently, a small team of clergy, musicians and tech personnel meet weekly to record the Sunday service which is streamed via our website, Youtube and Facebook on Sunday mornings. During the recording sessions every precaution is taken to maintain social distancing, using masks and following all recommended safety procedures.
In addition, Wednesday night Zoom meetings are held for the congregation which variously include prayer, social time, recorded music and discussions on pertinent topics. The musician that is hired will be expected to participate occasionally in these Wednesday services in a safe, creative manner as well.
Principal Job
Play organ/piano for Sunday services and choir rehearsals.
Minimum of Bachelor degree in music, organ or piano major preferred.
Prior experience in church organist/musician positions.
Strong communications skills and willingness to work in a collegial manner with the Director of Music, clergy and other staff.
Ability and willingness to plan and perform in traditional and non-traditional worship music settings.
Job Specific Responsibilities
  1. Enhance the spirit of worship through music during the services on Sunday mornings, including preludes, offertories, postludes and accompaniment of hymns and anthems.
  2. Play for additional services which may occur at times other than Sunday morning, in particular: Christmas Eve, Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Christmas and Spring Music Sundays, and others approved by Session.
  3. Rehearse with the Chancel Choir on Wednesday evenings (September through May), Sunday mornings and other rehearsals associated with worship preparation.
  4. Work with the Director of Music and clergy in selecting appropriate music for worship services. Take an active role in planning and executing creative, worshipful experiences with other musicians and ensembles in the church. (Bell choir, praise band, soloists)
  5. Advise the Worship Team, Worship Committee and staff on matters that involve worship music, as requested.
  6. Serve as wedding organist/pianist as available using the Wedding Planning Booklet as the guide for these occasions. Remuneration for weddings is in addition to salary. This document is available at
  7. Play for funerals and memorial services as available using the Funeral Planning Booklet as the guide for these occasions. Remuneration for funerals is in addition to salary. This document is available at
Deadline for application: August 1, 2020
Position start: Negotiable
Position reports to the Director of Music.
Annual compensation commensurate with experience and education.
Sanctuary instruments include the pipe works of a Schantz organ that have been coupled to a Rodgers Digital Infinity II, three manual organ installed in 2015 and a seven foot Steinway grand piano.
When the need arises for time off, the employee will notify their supervisor (Director of Music) and permission may be given on a case by case basis, not to exceed four weeks. (Wednesday/Sunday)
To apply, please submit a cover letter, resume, three references and either an audio recording or a link to a video recording. Email submissions to