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New to First Pres?

Okay. So you’re new. Perhaps you’re new to the area and you’re looking for a church. Maybe you stumbled across here through a random search. It’s possible that you live close to the church or drive by our facility every day and you’re just curious. Whatever brought you to our site, we’re just glad you’re here.

We would also like to hope that we get it – at least a good part of it in regards to being new. Being new to a church can be a bit intimidating. Where do I sit? What do I wear? Do I even belong in a church? (Sit in a pew, any pew. Wear what you like. And yes, you belong.)

We’ve developed this section of the website to try and answer those questions. Because, even though new can be scary, it can also be a lot of fun.

And seriously, if you have any questions just contact the church office (217-356-7238 or
Thanks for checking out this section of the site. Have fun and let us know if we can help!