First Pres Worship – 8/2/20

29 Responses to “First Pres Worship – 8/2/20”

  1. How about that, I found the correct page again this week. First try wahoo.
    Good morning everyone.

  2. Good morning; another beautiful day!

  3. Jim Berger says:

    Good morning, all!

  4. I really like the song Leslie is playing. Thank you, Leslie!

  5. Good morning! What a beautiful day!

  6. A bright, sunny Sunday to celebrate communion!

  7. Jim Berger says:

    Good morning, Matt, Melinda Watts-Ellis, and Jip!

  8. Chip and Mindy always bring a special message! Thank you!

  9. Jim Berger says:

    What is in a name?

  10. Jip, not Chip. I listened.

  11. Reconciliation can be scary

  12. Jim Berger says:

    A sustaining communion.

  13. David Dilley says:

    Thank you for Broadcasting the service … it is a real blessing to participate each week!

  14. Let’s go forth from here with God in our hearts mind and body and have a blessed and wonderful week ahead…Glory be to God

  15. Really appreciated the message today. Thank you! Blessings to all during this challenging time.

  16. Wrestling with God is ok! Amen, may we all grow closer to who God calls us to be as we wrestle