First Pres Worship – 7/26/20

35 Responses to “First Pres Worship – 7/26/20”

  1. Good morning on this beautiful day!

  2. Good morning Dave, how was the drive in?

  3. Sorry to hear about Vivian.

  4. Mary Nicholas is watching this morning.

  5. So personal, touching

  6. Claudia, thank you for sharing your experiences. Your passion is obvious. I can see this trip was very inspiring.

  7. Nice to be with us Nathlie Loma!

  8. This passage gives me courage.

  9. David Dilley says:

    Great song … great testimony thank you!

  10. Eric Corbin says:

    This morning, I ask for your prayers for two friends of mine, each of whom lost a parent to Covid-19 in the past few days: Bill, who lost his father, and Ian, who lost his mother.

  11. David Dilley says:

    Thank you for broadcasting the service!

  12. Thank you for a wonderful church service!

  13. The Romans passage is one of my favorites!

  14. Morning family I ask your prayers for my family we’re in quarantine

  15. Hi friends!…from Arkansas

  16. Thank you everyone. Claudia, you gave a wonderful interview. Thank you!

  17. Thethe, Prayers for your whole family.

  18. Thank you much love

  19. Praying for all of you in quarantine and in need.

  20. Good Morning
    Skip and Lacy Pickering