First Pres Worship – 6/28/20

56 Responses to “First Pres Worship – 6/28/20”

  1. Good morning! Glad you’re here! Please fill out the Connection Card at

  2. Beautiful day , Good morning.

  3. Smother awesome day. Good morning to you all.

  4. Eric Corbin says:

    Look! I’m outside! 🙂

  5. Good morning! This is the dsy the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it.

  6. Jim Berger says:

    Good morning, everyone! Blessings on all!

  7. Come inside, join us.

  8. Good morning, beautiful song!

  9. Tracy D Dace says:

    Good morning! God is good all the time!

  10. Jim Berger says:

    Thank you, Jason Pope, Chris Hartley, Sam Haupt, Jake Pope, and last, but not least, Melinda Rodriguez!

  11. Jim Berger says:

    Jip! Great to see you and Melinda Watts-Ellis!

  12. Jip sure is a lot of fun

  13. Jim Berger says:

    Hi, Sally Hutton!

  14. Jim Berger says:

    Eric, how did you get across town so quickliy?

  15. Jim Berger says:

    Merci, Blaisepascal Mfulama!

  16. Welcoming angels unawares.

  17. Such hospitality in Cuba!

  18. I miss visiting with the coffee crew.

  19. Jim Berger says:

    Welcome, Gaby Mboyo!

  20. Jim Berger says:

    I did that on Juneteenth!

  21. Cafe justo. Muy bien.

  22. Frontera de Cristo. Pray for our mission coworkers and all who work there in a ministry of hospitality, education and advocacy.

  23. Jim Berger says:

    Excellent message! Thank you so much, Judi Rose Geistlinger!

  24. The words of this creed offer radical hope.

  25. Wow! I love seeing us all together!

  26. Jim Berger says:

    Richard Robert Rossi, thank you so much, for so many wonderful years of splendid music!

  27. Great message Judi Rose Geistlinger — Thank you

  28. Jim Berger says:

    Thank you again, Joe! — And Richard!

  29. Jim Berger says:

    Welcom back, Matt!

  30. Bravissimo Richard! We will miss you. Be sure to take a good winter coat and boots for all that lake effect snow …

  31. Thank you Richard and safe travels.

  32. Glory be to God hope that everyone has a safe and blessed week

  33. Amy Born says:

    Wishing you all the best Richard!

  34. You will be missed, God’s speed Richard.

  35. Wow! Thank you everyone for such a touching and thoughtful tribute. I always loved playing that hymn and that arrangement especially with Joe and the choir. Thank you all so much and I will truly miss all of you and thank you for many years of worship and music making in the name of God!!