First Pres Worship – 5/17/20 – 6th Sunday of Easter

46 Responses to “First Pres Worship – 5/17/20 – 6th Sunday of Easter”

  1. Good morning! Please let us know you are here by filling out our Digital Connection Card at

  2. Good morning from the Petersons

  3. Jim Berger says:

    Good morning all my friends and fellow worshipers!

  4. Pray for Douglasse and Miriam Ndubula on the birth of a son, Delian.

  5. This is the day the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it

  6. Nice contemplative piece this morning David

  7. Good Morning to all!

  8. Good. morning all!

  9. If you sing off key at home and nobody hears you, are you singing off key?? Sing, everyone!

  10. Jim Berger says:

    Is anybody minding the audio feed?

  11. Eric Corbin says:

    Driven to Reach Excellence and Academic Achievement for Males

  12. Jim Berger says:

    My bad.

    I had two separate audio feeds going simultaneously.

    I’ve got that corrected now.

  13. Eric Corbin says:

    Thanks to The Gathering Band for this beautiful song.

  14. David Dilley says:

    Thank you for including the worship band again!

  15. What a lovely song. Thank you!

  16. Melinda has.a gorgeous voice.

  17. Watching on YouTube. Wanted to shout out the Gathering Band though! Sounded beautiful!

  18. Jip is a lot of fun…the mastermind of Melinda Watts-Ellis.

  19. Love having the Gathering Band as part of the service.

  20. We all need a little Jip in our lives…Thank you for all the fun and enjoyment you bring every week in our lives

  21. Anybody know what happened to the “like” buttons we usually have to click on during livestream?

  22. Jim Berger says:

    REALLY!? I just GOT the word!

  23. Jim Berger says:

    Let me take a second pass at trying to be a compassionate listener: I am so sorry to hear of your misfortune! It can happen to the very best of us. And our hearts are all with you!

  24. David Dilley says:

    Thank you Pastor Matt for teaching us to have faith!! … you show us how in times of great disappointment we can still look forward to God’s love surrounding us … these days we walk in the valley of the shadow of death daily but we must remember as you have pointed out that God is with us always … truth is, the valleys help us to appreciate the mountain tops that much more … Thanks for being our example of God’s Agape Love

  25. Appreciate these Sunday mornings!

  26. Thank you for bringing this word to us all.

  27. Rejoice, give thanks and sing. Amen.

  28. Thank you for the message of hope and understanding.

  29. Great hymn choices this morning!

  30. Thank you for worshipping with us. Please “Share” this service so others may worship later. “Like” this service so others might find out about it. God is good! Sabbath peace to you all…

  31. Hope everyone goes with Christ today and have a safe and blessed week

  32. Wonderful service. Thank you !

  33. Thank you Matt, Rachel,Joe and Richard

  34. Thank you everyone for another meaningful worship service.

  35. David Dilley says:

    I always start early and then stay to the very end just to hear him play the organ … always beautiful!