Concert by The Gathering Band

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Permission to podcast/stream the music in this service obtained from One License with license #A-731380 and CCLI with Streaming License #CSPL073210

30 Responses to “Concert by The Gathering Band”

  1. Welcome! Let us know you’re here by filling out our Digital Connection Card at

  2. Good evening everyone. I hope you’re ready for some good tunes. (I was there when this was recorded live and was sorry WE weren’t there to clap. We can clap tonight!

  3. Thank you Suzanne Albers McNattin!

  4. Thanks to our band! Melinda, Chris, Sam, Jason and Jake!

  5. What an amazing group of musicians! We are so blessed.

  6. Enjoying this so much!

  7. What a voice, huh?

  8. I really like this song. Give thanks!

  9. I have these songs on CDs by groups who can’t “hold a candle” to our very own Gathering Band. So blessed to have them.

  10. Great job Gathering Band!!!!

  11. Welcome Theresa Spraggins

  12. Julie Young says:

    Tim is yelling “Freebird” but in all seriousness, it sounds great!!

  13. Matt you’re in two places at one time

  14. Eric Corbin says:

    “See” you all on Sunday at 9 AM!

  15. Thanks for bringing this to us this evening.