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As Presbyterians, we perform both infant and adult baptisms. Infant baptism shows the initiative and sheer grace of God, that before a child is even aware of God, God is at work in his or her life. Adult baptism shows the necessary response of faith, that each of us needs to receive Jesus Christ as our personal Lord and Savior.
The water in baptism represents the washing away of our sin and the new life made possible in Jesus Christ. As water enables growth, especially in arid places like the Near East, water is also a symbol of the Holy Spirit, the indwelling Spirit of God, who initiates spiritual growth.
Baptism is an act of the whole church. It is in community that faith is nurtured and grows. So, except in unusual circumstances, we baptize in a public service of worship. As our Presbyterian constitution puts it:
The act of baptism sets us on a journey which lasts the whole Course of our lives . . . The meaning of our baptism becomes apparent only through the subsequent course of our lives as God’s faithfulness becomes evident in changing situations and new relationships.
For more information on baptism, call the church office at 356-7238.